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Globe 2-in-1 Earth & Constellations

Fascinating 2 in 1 globe showing the earth by day and magically illuminated space and constellations by night when used in a darkened room.


Robot Toothbrush Timer

Little painted wooden robots with timer and toothbrush holder.

Light Up Strobe Bar

Enjoy a funky light show with this sound activated strobe bar. A multi coloured light show that reacts to your sounds and music.

Pretty Nails Stacking Tin

A place for everything and everything in its place! You will always know where to find your nail varnish when you store it in these adorable stackable tins!
£5.99 £7.99

Lipstick & Lip Gloss Stacking Tin

A place for everything and everything in its place! You will always know where to find your lip gloss when you store it in these adorable stackable tins!
£5.99 £7.99

Height Chart - Cat

Height Chart - Cat

£25.00 £30.00

Make Your Own Neon Sign - Blue

Kit to make your own name in Neon Lights!

Make a Wish Money Tin

Colourful Money tin decorated with fairies


Rainbow in My Room

An LED light projector to create beautiful rainbows in darkened rooms.

£19.99 £22.00

Height Chart - Horse

Height Chart Horse Handpainted wood from Emma Jefferson.

£19.99 £30.00

Keep Out Money Tin

Colourful money tin, decorated with friendly dinosaurs


Make Your Own Neon Sign - Pink

Kit to make you own name in Neon Lights!

Blink Owl Clock

Painted wooden owl shaped first clock with movable hands and blinking eyes!


Deep Space Planetarium

Amazing home planetarium and projector set with night light. Learn about the universe and the night sky. Projects images up to 1m wide!


Sparkly Treasure Box

Safely store your bits and bobs with this eye catching sparkly treasure storage tin.


Height Chart - Dalmatian

Dalmatian Height Chart

£15.99 £30.00

Ballet Musical Jewellery Box

Traditional wind-up jewellery box, with ballerina who dances to the music when the lid is opened.

Wooden Mobile - Noah's Ark

Brightly painted wooden Noah's Ark Mobile.

Sorry this product is no longer available see code 30047 as an alternative.

Out of stock

Glow Stars & Planets

Eight glow in the dark planets and 35 stars to stick on walls or ceilings with adhesive pads.


My First Calendar (Pink)

Brand New Pink Design!! Durable magnetic calendar is a super way for children to learn days, months, seasons and weather.
Out of stock

Sevi Animal Letters

Wooden jungle alphabet letters to personalise bedroom doors and more!

Select the letters you require for your child's name below.




Lockable Pirate Chest Money Box

Traditional money box, designed as a treasure chest with padlock.


Pasture Pal Ponies

A wonderful collection of 12 pretty ponies, all housed in an attractive wooden display unit.


Dog Mood Light

Cute dog mood light that glows different colours.


Starlight Projector Light

Create a beautiful starry night sky on your bedroom ceiling with a projector lamp, making the perfect night light for all ages.

LED Light Stax 12pc

Build your own awesome light using 12 multicoloured light-up building blocks.
£15.99 £20.00

Fairy & Unicorn Torch Projector

A fascinating fairy and unicorn projector and torch with 24 ethereal images to project onto walls and ceilings.


Glow Stars & Fairies

Eight ethereal fairies and 35 glittery stars to stick with adhesive pads and glow in the dark.


Astro Dino Torch

Project your favourite dinosaurs onto walls and ceilings with this multi-use torch.


Mosaic Window Art

Innovative easy craft kit to make a beautiful mosaic picture in lovely assorted girly designs.

Rainbow Pin Art

Create an impression with Rainbow Pin Art.  Simply press any object into the back of the rainbow pins and make an interesting shape in the front.


Lion Money Box

Brightly painted wooden moneybox in with a gorgeous lion head.


Volcano Lamp

A mesmerising eruption of light and water creates a stunning, yet relaxing display that imitates an erupting volcano.  Requires 3 x AA batteries – not included.  This is not a toy.


Stained Glass Mermaid

Create a pretty masterpiece that looks like leaded glass by pressing the textured stickers into the mermaid in a circular frame.


Farmyard Music Box

Stunning wooden music box that plays Old MacDonald while a sweet little pig and cow twirl to the tune.


Plasma Ball

An incredible plasma light display at your fingertips with this electric lamp.


Hot Air Balloon Lantern

Decorate, assemble and illuminate!  Such an interesting project with everything you need to create a decorated hot air balloon light!


Noah's Ark Mobile

Colourful Wooden Noah's Ark Mobile



Sloth Mood Light

A colour changing, sloth shaped mood light, with jointed arms and legs to hang from different objects or from the cardboard tree provided.

£9.99 £12.99
Out of stock

Funky Letters

Personalise a room or door etc with these funky self adhesive pink wooden letters. Please specify the child's name in the box and select the number of letters required - the price will then be calculated, at £1 per letter.

£1.00 £2.50

Animal Letters

Animal Letters ideal for Bedrooms, bright and colourful with animal illustrations. These are available as letters only - please do not include any punctuation.


Unicorn Jewellery Box

Traditional musical jewellery box, with a unicorn theme!


Colour Changing Unicorn Mood Light

Cute unicorn night light that glows different colours.


Stained Glass Butterfly

Create a masterpiece that looks like leaded glass by pressing the textured stickers into the butterfly in a heart shaped frame.


Jellyfish Tank Moodlight

Enjoy a relaxing display of colour and movement as these dainty jellyfish appear to dance in the water!


Adventure Letters

Large colourful wooden letters in deep blue with a variety of designs with an image that depicts the letter.

Fairytale Letters

Large colourful wooden letters in pink with a variety of colourful designs with an image that depicts the letter.

Pink Mouse Money Box

Painted wooden moneybox in with a cute mouse head.

Out of stock

In this category you will find a huge selection of decorative accessories for Children's bedrooms and nurseries, including alarm clocks, name plaques & letters and trinket boxes.