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A great selection of pocket money toys, stocking fillers or party bag ideas - all under £5!

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18 Paper Planes

Make and fly 18 stunning paper planes.


Foam Fighter Planes x6

Six Foam Fighter Planes - with slot together parts for you to make and fly.


Christmas Whistle Pair

These brightly coloured Christmas Whistles are an ideal stocking filler or party bag treat.


Infinity Loop

Fascinating and mesmerising infinity loop flow ring, a tactile kinetic marvel


Kaleidoscope Spotty Galaxy

Make pretty patterns with a traditional kaleidoscope.


Flashing Electromite

Flashing electromite is a squidgy squeezable ball with a flickering LED light display.


Wooden Yoyo

Sturdy wooden yo-yo in assorted colours


Juggling Balls Set

Set of 3 juggling balls with instruction booklet.


Cat's Cradle

Traditional playground game of Cat’s Cradle with soft cord and full instructions


Flashing Squeezy Spider

Flashing Squeezy Spider is a squidgy, squeezable spider with a flashing LED light display!


Giant Clockwork Teeth

We all love them! Giant Clockwork Teeth with big googly eyes - wind them up and off they chatter!


Jumping Frog Jacks

Jacks game with 8 frogs and a bouncy ball.


Magic 3D Cards

Traditional playing cards with the card value hidden on the front in a 3D


Neon Slime

Pot of gloopy neon slime in a 6cm lidded plastic pot.  Lucky dip assorted neon colours.

£2.99 £3.99

Pull Back Mouse

Cute wooden pull-back mouse. Colours may vary.


Worry Doll

The sweetest little hand crafted worry dolls with their own silky drawstring bag.


Pull Back Racing Car with Goggled Driver

Have a race with a pull back racing car and a characterful goggled driver. Assorted colours, one supplied.


Bendy Booklight Man

A thin and flexible reading light and bookmark that bends into shape to hold your pages – perfect for reading in bed! Assorted colours - blue or pink.


Shaggy Dog Stories

Hilarious game of telling tall tales, while hiding 3 whacky words which the other players try to guess.

£3.99 £7.99

Bendy Smiley Man

Poseable Bendy Smiley Man


Lemon Clock

Make a clock from a lemon – a brilliant way to learn about batteries!


Whoopee Cushion

Classic Whoopee cushion, essential kit for pranksters young and young at heart!


Wooly Willy

Wooly Willy magnetic drawing set


Micro Rocket

Simple and effective rocket experiment using household ingredients to create a chemical reaction! Great fun!

Alien Attack

Alien Attack! Catapult your stretchy, sticky alien for some inter galactic fun.

Sticky Tumbling Starfish

Carefully throw the starfish at a wall or window and watch the tentacles stretch and crawl down the surface.


Mr Grasshead

After a good soaking, sit Mr Grasshead in his pot and feed with water and he will grow a wonderful head of grassy hair you can even trim with scissors!


Drinking Specs

A long clear straw, formed into the shape of glasses and a fun way to stay hydrated!  Fun drinking straw glasses for children.


Wooden Farm Animal Cube Puzzle

Wooden farm animal cube puzzle with 9 picture blocks to make 6 different pictures.


Wooden Dinosaur Cube Puzzle

Wooden animal cube puzzle with 9 wooden blocks to make 6 different comical dinosaur pictures.

Wooden Safari Cube Puzzle

Chunky wooden jungle animal cube puzzle with 9 wooden blocks to make 6 different happy jungle creatures.


Glow in the Dark Jumping Beans

Pack of four, glow in the dark jumping beans.


Flipside Magnetic Puzzle

Frustrating, maddening fun! Quality hand held puzzle, double sided, so double the fun.


Jacob's Ladder

Traditional wooden Jacob’s Ladder with clever hinged action that makes it appear to be alive.



Chickens can fly!! Pull it back and release and see the chicken fly accross the room!




Rearview Spy Glasses

Rearview Spy Glasses, ingeniously designed with mirrored outer inserts so you can spy on people without them knowing!

Secret Code Kit

Wow!  Everything you need to send TOP SECRET messages to your friends in a kit small enough to hide away.


Sky Diver

Skydiver with parachute for flying fun!

Jacks Game

Popular timeless game of skill and dexterity will bring back fond memories of schooldays.


Wooden Noughts and Crosses

Traditional wooden game with 9 little naughts and crosses cubes, played in the traditional way and stored in a lidded wood box

Bike Spoke Light

Fantastic glowing and flashing light device that easily fits to bike spokes, making your bike more colourful and safer too.  Water resistant.  This is not a toy.  Batteries included.


LED Fingers

Set of 4 different coloured finger lights. Tiny torches to strap on your fingers and wiggle to create patterns!


Matching Flags Game

A game of matching 27 pairs of cards with images of flags of the world.


Flags & Capitals Placemat

Bright colourful educational placemat showing flags and capitals of the work, designed by teachers


IQ Block Puzzle

An IQ testing set of puzzles, perfect for travel. Fit the 8 differently shaped pieces in the tray – sounds easy but with over 40 solutions it will test the cleverest brains!


Bath Crayons Set

Colourful bath crayons for children to draw on bath or skin.

Magic Tube

Shake this Magic Tube to see a colourful suspension of glittery bits, stars and moons float up and down. Very theraputic to watch.

Owl Toothbrush Timers

Painted wooden owl tooth brush timer and holder.


If you are looking for a great quality gift for under a fiver, then take a look at our under £5 range. We have a huge number of fantastic, fun toys and games that won’t break the bank!